2 part writing assignment 1

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********first part of assignment will be one page paper (concept paper) and second part of paper (project paper) will be 15 pages.*******

(complete the concept paper first, and then the project paper.)

Concept Paper:

*single page, double spaced

instructions: Discuss why you selected this topic. This paper should not be a documentary of existing practices, but an in-depth analysis of how the principles presented by the author are functioning today. You may make predictions and recommendations about the future of the principles. The paper should not exceed a single page using double-spacing. The Concept Paper should address a topic that is currently a public administration issue or problem. It could be related to your major (public health administration) and/or some issue you’re passionate about. This topic would require research on some public administration principles discussed in the text and/or outside resources related to administrative policy, ethics, Human Resources, organization culture, and perhaps other principles, as well. Therefore, the Concept Paper identifies your topic, a summary of your research approach (e.g., public administration principles, concepts, and theories), resources you will be citing, and you should make suggestions and/or recommendations to improve, mitigate, or resolve the issue. This paper is your preview prior to writing your Project Paper, which is an extension of the Concept Paper. However, it’s more detail utilizing the text and outside research sources, specific format and requirements, etc.

Project Paper:

*15 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, APA format

Instructions: The topic you selected for your Concept Paper will be further analyzed in your Project Paper approximately fifteen (15) pages, doubled-spaced, 12-point font, and APA guidelines for citing references within the paper and on the bibliography page.

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