i have practice work sheet and i have asked people explain me and i still just dont

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I have a practice work sheet and I have asked people to explain to me and I still just don’t get it … so I am really wanting someone to explain the answers to me and why they are right. All it says on directions is choose the correct place for name. I think its the symbols that throw me off 1. Hutchinson, W.J. A. > Hutchins, A.P B. > Hutchins, P.T C. > hutchinson, L.A D. > hutchinson, M.O E. > 2. Leslie, Paula A. > leslie, Amy B. > Leslie, Dana C. > Leslie, Jane D. > Leslie, Mary E. > 3. Medlin,Faith A. > Medlin, Vera B. > Medvid,Rachel C. > Medvid, Stella D. > Medwid, Bea E. > 4. Perry, Anson A. > Parry, Charles B. > Parry, Quentin C. > Parry, Stephen D. > Perry, Craig E. > 5. Reuter,Valerie A. > Reuter, Byron B. > Reuter, Marjorie C. > Reuther, Bruce D. > Reuther, Odetta E. > 6. Knapp, N. A. > Knapp, N.J. B. > Knapp, N.T. C. > Knapp, Norman D. > Knapp, P.K. E. > 7. Miner, Brian A. > Miner, Alan B. > Miner, Carl C. > Miner, Cathy D. > Miner, Denice E. > 8. Levin, Shari A. > Levin, Eugene B. > Levin, G.P C. > Levin, S.P D. > Levin, S.R E. > 9. Thron, Mavis A. > Throne, Albert B. > Throne, caitlin C. > Throne, Gregory D. > Throne, Lanny E. > 10. West, Melvin A. > West, colon B. > West,Edward C. > West,Harold D. > West, John E. >

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