giving comments and feedback

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Please check the sample comments provided below. Please give feedback like, what’s good about the article, what kind of aspects needs improvements. About 200words

Hi! This is a terrific first draft. Your paper is beautifully researched, and you use your sources very well. It follows a clear compare-contrast structure that makes sense and allows your own insights to come through. At the global structural level, this paper is excellent. I think restructuring some of the paragraphs will enhance the clarity of your argument and your message。 I do have some recommendations that will help strengthen your paper: * Please be sure each paragraph has a clear, single point. It may be helpful to start each paragraph with a sentence that lets the reader know what that point is. * You may use transitions to highlight the contrast between zero-tolerance policies and alternative policies. For example, you might say, “Whereas zero-tolerance policies do X, alternative policies do Y…” or “While zero-tolerance policies focus on…, alternative policies…” *In you conclusions for each paragraph, you may want to be explicit in your contrast between zero-tolerance policies and why alternative policies are superior. Overall, this is an excellent first draft.

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