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Section 1: Introduction and Historical Information

research basic historical information about the firm, including the history of the firm and also discuss corporate governance and the major investors of this company.

Section 2: Corporate performance

discuss the financial performance of the stock using ratio analysis conclude about the debt, profitability, market position of the company.

Section 3: Risk and Return

Section three of the project incorporates the concepts of historical return, and required rate of return Students need to show the price and dividend and returns histories of the stock over the specified period and to use this data to compute the average rate of return and the required rate of returns

Section 4: Stock valuation

Section four of the project involves the use of the dividend discount model to calculate the required rate of return and to estimate the intrinsic value for their stock.The student then looks up the market price for their company to determine if the stock is fairly priced in the market.

Section 5: Conclusion

Based on all the data collected, provide recommendations concerning the stock. Discuss whether they would like to buy, hold, or sell the share of the company. Should contain at least three strengths and two weaknesses to support recommendation. The strengths or weaknesses should be based on the analysis in sections 1 to 4. Also discuss how the coronavirus spread might affect the recommendation. This section should contain at least eight sentences.

To clarify, the chosen company is Nike, I also included the link to Yahoo finance where the data will be retrieved from


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