hrmn 406 employee training and development 1

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Evaluate an organization to identify training needs

Select or create an organization for the authentic assessment. In this first assignment, you will begin to develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for your chosen organization.

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Assignment 1: Analyze Training Needs

This will be a written paper in APA format. You’ll have the requisite title page and bold center section headers for each of Introduction (to the paper), Various Topics, Conclusion (of the paper), and References. The paper is probably 7 to 9 (max) pages (of content) in length. Be sure to see the writing resources and example word doc APA6 template under Content, Additional Resources from Dr. Dean. And yes, you’ll have references from your research and use an in-sentence citation for each. The good news is that the outline of the paper is given to you in this paragraph and below.

Select or create an organization OR DEPARTMENT/FUNCTION OF YOUR CHOICE for the authentic assessment. In this first assignment, you will begin to develop a training needs analysis (TNA) for your chosen organization. If you use where you work now or have worked before be sure to disguise the name of the organization. The underlines below are your topical section headers for the various topics mentioned above.

  1. Competencies for Future. This one is one full page or more. Deeply consider the changing nature of work and workforces. And discuss/list about 10 competencies: new or existing, that are vital for the future (meaning next 5 years). Note that this list is not yet dependent on your organization but developed based on your RESEARCH and Thinking.
  2. Intro to Organization/Dept./Function. It should briefly include general, high-level information about the company in terms of product/services, size, geography, workforce attributes, etc. This section is not more than a page and can be tightly focused.
  3. Competency Identification. Here should articulate, in rank order, the top 3 competency areas that the members of the group you are analyzing will need for 2 to 5 years out into the future. Probably about a ½ a page and not more than 2/3 a page. The point here is explaining why these made it into the top 3. Then, each of your 3 competencies (similar to skills) need to have their own section header (e.g.): Competency #1: (fill in). etc. etc. for the next two. These are between ½ and 1 page each. You must discuss WHY that particular competency is vital for the group. And you’ll have a single paragraph that discusses the second group of 3 competencies: Additional Competencies.
  4. Audience. Next, describe the intended attendees/participants for this training. Write about who (job title, experience level, tenure, backgrounds) needs development in the top 3 competency areas and to what extent. You might want to consider a matrix (table) of Who (level, job group, etc.) X (training topic). This can be a bit tricky. Perhaps high-level people need ‘the short-version’ of the training while others need the hands-on tutorial. Or perhaps its training designed for, as an example, Sales Managers who will then train their people. Or maybe it is a topic so vital that everyone attends together (for some added benefit to the organization).

Hints: Do NOT dive into HOW to do the training yet. In this paper we are setting the stage. Think strategically. Do some research. Develop relevant competency areas for that team/dept/function/organization. Chose the most important and explain why. And be thinking and explain for who and to what extent. And why.



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