fact or fiction paper

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Fact or Fiction???

Research Assignment: Choose one of the topics below to discover if it has a scientific basis.

Information that should be included:

  1. Why did you choose this topic?
  2. Do other people believe this as well?
  3. How did this idea originate?
  4. Who supports this claim (scientific/commercial/ anecdotal)?
  5. What is the SCIENTIFIC basis for this?
  6. What kinds of experiments have been done to prove this?

Based on your evidence, is this fact of fiction?

  1. What are your sources?

Format: Minimum body of 2 typed pages with 1-inch margins on all sides and a reference page. Let your interest be your guide. Make sure to cover all above questions.


  1. Milk causes cancer
  2. Vaccines cause cancer
  3. Too much milk/calcium cause kidney stones
  4. Warm milk makes you sleepy
  5. Classical music makes you smarter
  6. Microwave popcorn causes respiratory disorders
  7. Eating hotdogs causes cancer
  8. Eating chocolate is good for you
  9. Drinking bottled water causes cancer
  10. Drinking wine is good for you
  11. Starve a fever/ feed a cold
  12. Antiperspirants cause breast cancer
  13. Nuts cause kidney stones
  14. Drinking iced tea cause kidney stones
  15. Eating too much raw spinach is toxic
  16. Chocolate milk makes males sterile
  17. Energy drinks can kill you
  18. Oysters are aphrodisiacs
  19. Vaccines cause autism
  20. We need to take vitamin supplements
  21. Vitamin D is essential for good health
  22. Too much vitamin D is bad for you
  23. Red food dye #40 causes ADD
  24. Yellow food dye #5 kills sperm in males
  25. Drinking coffee at an early age stunts growth
  26. Artificial sweeteners cause cancer
  27. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac
  28. Vitamin E will remove scars if applied topically
  29. Eating ginger prevents nausea
  30. Eating chocolate gives you pimples
  31. Stress at conception makes girls
  32. Mega vitamins are harmful
  33. High protein diets give you energy
  34. Chocolate milk is best after exercising
  35. Cell phones cause brain cancer
  36. High voltage electrical lines are bad for your health
  37. Standing next to microwave ovens causes cancer
  38. Having a fever due to colds or flu during pregnancy causes autism
  39. Soy milk in adolescent boys causes breast development
  40. Menstruating females should avoid ingesting cold substances
  41. Clear soda is better than dark soda in preventing tooth decay
  42. Urinating on a jellyfish sting neutralizes the sting
  43. Using Dial liquid soap or Colgate Total causes seizures
  44. Eating a Thanksgiving dinner makes you sleepy
  45. Spending too much time in a Jacuzzi as a child with destroy your reproductive system

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