humanities introduction of humanities

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Think of your “fictional” favorite story (a Greek, Norse, or Egyptian myth or any other myth from another culture; fairy tale; urban legend; Bible story). Discuss in two paragraphs what type of myth it is and why it is significant to its culture or set of people.


  • Two full paragraphs of each least five sentences each
    • Feel free to write more
  • Needs to fully address the question listed above
    • This is where the critical thinking aspect of the course comes in. Make sure you are using the Myth PPT as your guide.
  • Must be in MLA format and well proofread
    • Works Cited page and citations are optional, but encouraged
    • The Myth PPT however will not need to be cited; use the information as general knowledge
    • Use the MLA resources as needed, especially the MLA template
  • Must be attached as a PDF or a Word document
    • This goes back to the emails sent out last week. If you have not downloaded Microsoft Word and are not using it to complete you written work that will need to be submitted, you run the risk of submission errors, especiallyif you are using Google Docs or some other program.
    • If you are using a Macbook, youalso may run into issues. Submitting files as a PDF may be the best way unless you know an alternative….
    • Download MicrosoftWord. It is free.
  • Must be submitted by Sunday at 11:59pm
    • Late work is not accepted
    • If you miss the assignment, make sure you review the Gimme section in your syllabus…

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