an admission essay about why i choose finance major part a and why i am diversity part b

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The picture I paste is the essay’s requirement.

For part A. My request is to mention that my family is engaged in industries related to finance. My father is a banker and my mother is a company accountant. Also, so far I have studied economics and are studying accounting. I think business is indeed a profession that is more suitable for me.I often go to my father’s bank to observe the process of their work. I basically pay attention to the economic policies of the United States and China every day. These are the points I want to put into part a. You can add some other things and reasons.

For part B.

Focus on writing diversity. I like to care about a lot of things, such as car knowledge, sports. I really like to travel. I also compare diversity for class selection. Although I want to enter business school, my courses are not all around business school. I have attended feminist classes, geography classes, and urban studies. After I finish these classes, I will understand related knowledge. Also I volunteer a lot during my college period. I help elders with the simple handcraft work in the nursing home. I helped the No-Freeze department to prepare for their opening (no-freeze is a place to help the tramp in the winter, give them a place to sleep), I like cats, so I go Helped the cat shelter.

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