how do practitioners assist with decreasing adult patients diagnosed with schizophrenia emergency room utilization

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How do practitioners assist with decreasing adult patients diagnosed with schizophrenia emergency room utilization?

5 Resources I am planning on using if my research question gets the approval.



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1. Relevant Research Articles Identified
Five [5] current nursing research; less than 5 years old; relevant to nursing


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2. Correctly Identified Research Methodology (Included qualitative research articles and quantitative research studies and correctly named the methodology)


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3. Described the Research Study Completely and Accurately
(Each citation is followed by a brief [about 150 words] descriptive and evaluative paragraph that includes the problem statement, population, methodology, and results)


4. Implications for Nursing Today
(Described research implications and how these research implications relate to nursing today)

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5.Organized & Coherent
(Coherent and clear summary of research study was addressed)


6. Preparation
(References cited in appropriate APA format; organized, grammar, spelling, timely submission)



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This is what she wrote me: Please adjust the question if necessary to what she is asking for quntative or qualitative.

A qualitative approach may be the first step towards finding out why patients do not adhere to their recommended treatment regimen. We already know some common reasons, such as the medication makes them feel worse (side effects), cannot afford the medication, lack of transportation, believes they are well and do not need the Rx anymore, etc. So, my next question is are you wanting to do a quantitative study where you provide educational program to one group and your traditional treatment to a control to determine if there is a reduction of ER visits. You may possibly consider a mixed method where you first try to determine the primary reason for non-adherence to their recommended regimen and then set up a quantitative study with these patients.

An ER setting may be difficult to do a quantitative study, since patients are not stable when they enter the ER. Begin looking at the research that has been done and maybe that will give you an idea. You may want to focus on hospital discharge education and reduction of readmissions. You need to have a specific group that you could follow in either case.
Sent on:Sunday, January 27, 2019 7:34 PM
Good Evening Dr.Eanes,

Yes it will be qualitative. I would go about setting up a study by implementing techniques that will assist patients from utilizing the ER by filling in the gaps. I will read on studies that have been done, and incorporatte new methods in my study. I used to work as a CM and there are so many unique programs and pilot programs that assist the patient is assuring compliance. Since, I am stepping from the RN nurse role to a FNP role I would like to utilize various methods based on research to assure the patient does follow up with his PCP within the next 48, having collaborative effort with other specialists involved in the patients cases, etc. I hope I have the right idea.

Another thing I did get an A on the other one you did, but she wrote this: Just follow whatever she said.

Although your annotated bibliographies contained some important information that I am sure will be useful in our discussions, an annotated bibliography is a very brief (no more that
words) that describes and analyzes the article. In so many words, it is a reference with a brief description of the article.

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