write a persuasive speech minimum 1 page maximum 3 pages

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Write a persuasive speech (minimum: 1 page / maximum 3 pages) supporting your opinion about an issue or subject that matters to you, that you feel passionately about. Include these elements:

  • A clear description of the issue and a clear precise statement of your opinion- your position, or claim, about the issue or the subject
  • Reliable and varied evidence that supports your opinion, or claim
  • Arguments that acknowledge and refute opposing claims
  • Vivid persuasive language that appeals to your audience
  • A logical organization that shows the relationship among claims, counterclaims, and evidence
  • Error-free grammar
  • Scholarly sources (at least 3) which are cited internally and referenced via a Reference page (APA formatted)

*Cite your sources in APA format.


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