drafting and revising a summary and response essay 1

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In this unit, you will draw on the planning you performed in Unit 2 to write and revise a full, 2–3 page summary and response essay based on your understanding of, and responses to, one article from the List of Approved Articles for Writing. In Unit 2, you mapped out your summary and response points to your chosen article. In this unit, you will:

  • Draft the full essay.
  • Perform revision.
  • Submit the final draft and revision statement for your Unit 3 assignment.

Your essay must include the integration of information from your chosen article in the form of quotations and paraphrases, all cited in correct APA style, in the text of your essay and in an end references page.

Be sure to note: every single time you integrate a direct quotation from the text, you must place quotation marks (” “) around it and include an in-text citation directly after the quotation, including author last name, year of publication, and page number. Also, it is absolutely necessary that every time you paraphrase (use information from the article but change it to your own wording) you change the wording significantly to avoid plagiarism. Directly after every paraphrase include an in-text citation, also to avoid plagiarism. In-text citations following paraphrases include just the author’s last name and the year. For instructions and examples related to in-text citation and end referencing of articles from your book, please refer to the Summary and Response Essay Sample, linked in the Resources. Also refer to the APA section of A Writer’s Reference, under Article or Chapter in an Edited Book or an Anthology, and/or to The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers, page 453, Work in an Anthology.

Before submitting your Unit 3 Summary and Response Essay, you must receive feedback on your Unit 2 assignment, Plan the Summary and Response Essay.

To complete the assignment:

  1. Use your planning materials from Unit 2 and the feedback you received from your instructor to write a full rough draft of your 2–3 page Summary and Response Essay. (Page requirement does not include title page, references, or revision statement.)
  2. Include both an objective summary of the article’s key points and sub-points and your fully developed responses. Examine how the article makes you feel, how you connect it to your life and the world around you. Use specific examples.
  3. Integrate direct quotations from the article throughout your essay, incorporate source materials smoothly into your own paragraphs and fully cite the article in text, and in an end References page in correct APA style.
  4. Use the Drafting and Revising a Summary and Response Essay Scoring Guide to thoroughly assess your essay. Revise as necessary, paying close attention to:
    • Structure, paragraph development, and flow.
    • Mechanics, including grammar, spelling, and source use.
    • Purpose and audience.
  5. Format your final draft in full and proper APA style. For instructions and examples related to APA document formatting, please refer to the Summary and Response Essay Sample, as well as to the appropriate sections of your texts, noted above.
  6. Compose a 1–2 paragraph statement noting the steps you took during revision and how you feel these actions improved your work from the first draft to the final draft.

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