mgmt 280 week 7 response 1

I need to respond to this in 300-400 words in A.P.A. format with references

Level Measures

Ginger-Gabrielle South

Regent University

Balance – isn’t it what we all strive for in life, liberty, and the pursuit of godly character? How should the CareED executives balance disciplining Dave with their organizational recovery? Especially as a Christan-based company, the nonprofit’s actions will be watched by all in the community and even across the world (Cafferky, 2012, p. 605). What should they do to best preserve their business and simultaneously treat Dave as Jesus would?

The first step should be to make sure the stolen funds will be recoverable. If Dave cannot repay his thefted money, donors, investors, and possibly even governmental authorities may become suspicious and seek involvement. A payment plan suggested by Dave’s financial advisor would be the best option for a smooth transition.

The second step should be to establish safeguards in the company processes so that such an embezzlement cannot happen again. This kind of integrity is only realistic if accountability is highlighted from day-by-day volunteer workers through top-level executive offices. It may call for a re-institution of mission, vision, and value statements. Even with these encouragements in place, objective measures of accountability must be established for all purchases.

Accountability will also come in the form of checks and balances. If CareED were to set up systems of transactions through which every financial transfer were approved by multiple disinterested parties, accountability would function at its finest. Would some delays occur because of the many individuals involved? Absolutely. But wouldn’t the delays be worth the integrity of the accounting?

Lastly, letters to all relevant parties from donors to regular employees explaining the situation and the measures being taken to correct it should be drafted. By stressing the importance of each worker’s understanding of the events, CareED will show how vital proper communication is to the company’s operation. Such steps are necessary for proper balance of individual and organization.


Cafferky, M. E. (2012). Management: A Faith-Based Perspective. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.