day 2 journal

Day 2 Journal

This reflective development journal is designed to help you organize your thoughts about the concepts, cases, and discussions from the day’s activities. You can think of this journal as a place to also demonstrate your experience and application of concepts into your professional practice.

Journal Prompt:

Explain your philosophy of business ethics, in other words, your personal set of beliefs surrounding ethical behavior in the workplace. Use the videos, readings, and cases from the day to support your conclusions.

We all have beliefs about ethics that guide us, but rarely do we think of them with purpose and objectivity. Now’s your chance.

It may be easiest to start with a list, or a mind map. Then categorize and prioritize, eventually converting your thoughts into cogent sentences and paragraphs.


Submit a minimum of 1 page (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced) but no more than 2 pages.

Follow APA Format