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Note: To find current data on health care reform efforts, review the press release in the article, “Better, Smarter, Healthier: Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network Kick Off to Advance Value and Quality in Health Care.”

Considering what you read in this week’s Learning Resources, what insights can you gain from state and local health care reform efforts? Taking the perspective of a health care administrator, how do you think these efforts might inform health care policy reform at the federal level? Is it possible to translate local reform to larger federal reform?

Describe two key lessons you can take away from state/local health care reform efforts. Explain how these lessons might inform health care policy changes taking place at the federal level, if at all. Next, explain one reform effort that is considered a benchmark at the local level that in some way reduces health care costs, improves quality, or increases access to health care. Provide the link to the article or website in your post.