global health 15

Select a classmate’s post from week three. For this post, pretend to be the Finance Minister concerned with using economic investments to strengthen social, cultural, and environmental factors as they relate to health issues.

Create a response that either accepts, denies, or will reconsider with revisions the proposed intervention in the policy brief. The decision to accept, deny, or revise and resubmit must be based upon cultural and/or environmental factors in the country.

In your response, write a post that evaluates whether or not the classmate considered culture and environment in their proposed intervention. If so, is their analysis or interpretation correct? Regardless of your classmates post, what cultural and environmental factors should be considered to make improvements on the health issue discussed in the policy brief? Will the proposed intervention show improvement in local cultural / environmental factors or will it likely do more harm? Provide some data or scholarly references to support your position.

Remember to include a thesis, body content to support your thesis, and concluding remarks. Strong posts will make sure to include and define key course concepts in global health.

Cultural factors examples: role of family or community; religion; views on health and wellness; views on death and dying; Eastern/western/alternative/traditional medicine; beliefsabout causes and treatments of illness; gender roles and relationships; sexuality, fertility, childbirth; food beliefs and diet.

Environmental factors examples: water; sanitation; waste disposal; hygiene; housing; exposure to toxic substances; indoor and outdoor air pollution; poor drainage; climatechange; ozone depletion.