discussion question 983

This is a two part question the first one I need it by Wednesday and the second part by Friday.

This is how the discussion board instruction should you go by:

The three criteria provided below will be used to evaluate discussion board postings and writing assignments.

  1. Managerial Response: Generally refers to the understanding and application of business concepts as well as the thoroughness of the response. Features may include identification, relevance, completeness, clarity.
  2. Sources & Citation: Generally refers to support for ideas. Features may include research, and supporting evidence. This means that yes; you do need to have 3 different references (and corresponding citations) in discussions that require them. The textbook should not be used as a reference. There is a document in the “Research Paper” module that students must to read and follow regarding how to set up and use Word’s proofing and source management tools.
  3. Language Usage & Mechanics: Generally includes issues dealing with writing conventions. Features may include clarity, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. Again, the document in the “Research Paper” module provides instructions for how to do this. (Note: The instructor uses Grammarly and Microsoft Word’s built-in proofing tools to assist with grading).

There are different scoring levels for each criterion (No issues, Proficient, Needs Improvement, Marginal, Unsatisfactory, etc.). A submission achieving the highest level for each criterion will have the characteristics outlined below:

  • Identifies and fully develops all ideas/themes. Identifies, clarifies, and thoroughly applies appropriate business concepts. Reads well and sounds logical.
  • Skillful use of high quality, credible, relevant sources to develop personal perspectives. All sources fully cited in APA format with a correctly-formatted reference in the References section. That is, all sources must appear as BOTH citations and references. At least 3 credible sources, not counting the textbook, are required over the course of a discussion (not per post or reply, but for the entire discussion). References for major writing assignments should number about 1 per body text page, which excludes the title, abstract, reference, and appendix pages.). The document is formatted in proper APA style.
  • Demonstrates mastery of mechanics, usage, grammar, and sentence structure (think 0 errors). Language usage enhances meaning. The instructor typically uses Grammarly’s free add-in for Microsoft Word, as well as Word’s built-in proofing tools, when grading assignments.
  • Uses very little (if any) directly-quoted material from an outside source. Any quoted or paraphrased work is properly cited and referenced.
  • Work is submitted on time and in the correct format.

Part 1

Many companies have dress codes that require men to wear suits and women to wear dresses. Is this discriminatory according to disparate treatment theory? Why?

Part 2

The EEOC has ruled that discrimination based on sexual preference is, by default, a form of discrimination based on sex. In addition, the EEOC has ruled that Title VII does not allow gender identity-based employment discrimination because it is also a form of sex discrimination. The Supreme Court of the United States recently ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. This will be a challenging time for many decision-makers in organizations, especially those that do not approve of same-sex marriage.

While you might be tempted to discuss personal opinions of the morality of these and related issues, now is not the time. Rather, comment on what you think will be some of the issues facing HR Manager as these rulings are integrated into workplace decision-making. For example, it is now becoming law that organizations must soon provide benefits for non-traditional (LGBT) married couples that were previously granted only to traditionally (heterosexual) married couples. What other issues can you think of?