to help professional readers understand what is currently happening in a particular field on a particular subject

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Length: 2,500 words, single spaced – excluding works cited or references (25 peer-reviewed articles ranging from 2005-2018)

The purpose of the literature review is to help professional readers understand what is currently happening in a particular field, on a particular subject (over, say, the last 5 to 10 years). Literature reviews involve not only explanation and description but also analysis and synthesis; and they not only analyze and synthesize what the field knows but also, potentially, point to what the field still doesn’t know and needs to research in order to better understand what is at stake.

Questions to consider as you begin your research and write your review:

1. What is the target professional journal for your lit review?

2. What are the information needs of your professional audience (i.e., the typical reader of the journal)?

3. Which style guide is standard for the journal (APA, AMA, Harvard, MLA, etc.)? See the Instructions for Authors section on the journal’s website.

I would like APA format and as for the references it needs to be 25

4. Will you venture an opinion on the direction of future research? Do NOT (1) write an annotated bibliography (an academic genre different from

the literature review); (2) compile a set of abstracts; or (3) give a history of the topic (because it’s about the topic’s current status) – however, a brief history may be a relevant part of the opening, but that’s all.

Literature Review: Workshop Questions

1.Is the title concise & descriptive?

2.Does the introduction establish exigence?

3.Does the introduction forecast the paper’s structure?

4. Are the section titles concise & descriptive?

5. Are the body graphs well-developed?

6. Are there concise, straightforward topic sentences?

7. Is the support from the articles adequately summarized & explained?

8. Do body graphs focus on RECURRING THEMES rather than simply on individual articles?

9.Does the conclusion both review what has been covered & gesture toward the future?

10. Is the use of transitions successful?

11. Are there proper in-text citations?

12. Are there grammatical mistakes, awkward phrases, etc.?

Those are the requirements above. The topic I am choosing is treatment for stroke victims. I am attaching what I have started so you can go according to that or use it as a reference please.


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