environmental science questions answer the following questions

  • Name Three (3) Environmental problems caused by humans and tell me which elements of wasssem they affect. explain in your answer in detail, How specifically are the WASSEEM elements affected and whom do they affect? (20 Points)
  • explain the environmental impacts of animal agriculture or raising livestock for food. In what ways does it impact the environment? Analyze at least one possible solution and explain in Detail how it can have a positive impact.(20 points)
  • Tell me what your favorite es 1 Homework assignment was this Quarter? why did you like it? What environmental issue did it cover? What specifically did you learn that you didn’t already know? Tell Me in detail what you learned and why it is important?( 20 Points)
  • Examine a city where you live or lived. Go to the City Website and see if they have a Green, Environmental or Sustainability Plan. Provide the website address and tell me what the city is dong to be sustainable in the areas of water, waste and pollution? how are they getting citizens involved?what letter grade would you give them ? A= Excellent; F= Awful. Tell me why they received the grade they did and what they could be doing better. (20 Points)
  • In the video, the story of stuff, a number of “Stages” were described that are part of the manufacturing and consumer and Disposal cycles. List AND describe in detail each Stage in the cycle and explain specifically AND in detail how the Extraction, manufacturing and disposal cycles Impact the environment. examine 3 solutions that help alleviate the impact- tell me why and how. (20 points)