description essay 6

Minimum Length: 500 words

Assignments must be typed, in 12pt. font (preferably Times New Roman), double-spaced, and in MS Word format. 2018 MLA format.

Avoid grammatical errors.References must not beyond 20% of the content of the essay, and must add the original reference materials at the end of the essay.?

Rating requirements are in the attachment.

The Four Part Essay Structure. We simply arrange the six parts like this:

Part 1 (the introduction) = exordium, narratio, and partitio (attention getter, back story, and thesis)

Part 2 (first body paragraph) = one way of looking at things (confirmatio)

Part 3 (second body paragraph) = the other way of looking at things (refutatio)

Part 4 (conclusion) = summary and call to action (peroratio)

And that’s really it! This is the four-part essay structure we will use all semester.