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Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel into New York to see many Broadway Plays. Living in New Jersey does have its advantages, and I find myself very fortunate to be able to sit in these beautiful theaters and witness such amazing performances. I love both theater and film, but there is something very personal and rewarding about attending a performance. Performance in a theater is usually more grandiose, it is live, and in the present. It requires the actor to use their voice and body language to portray the emotion of the scene. The energy in a theater also helps create a rapport between the actor and the audience, and the audience with each other. There is a brief magical moment when the theater is full and everyone is sharing the same physical space, the energy heightens, and people are joyful. “It allows the audience to access emotions and promote a connection and understanding of humanity in a bigger sense” (Erickson, 2014). I must share, one of my favorite productions was Les Misérables – I remember how moving and powerful the music and the sets were. It captivated the audience, making us feel as if we were on the stage fighting in song for France in the revolution, we were suspended in disbelief. It was a magnificent performance on so many levels. The actors, costumes, tech crews, orchestra, etc. were all together for the common purpose, to create the power of theater, where the results are so valued.

The theater is so relevant, it provides what no other media does, a spontaneous, unique, live performance that is never the same. Theater is forever evolving, live performance on a stage cannot be substituted, but in today’s knowledge you can try to develop the experience through projection technologies that will enhance the live performance and create an even more unique and imaginative design (Lambert, 2012). In moving ahead in our world of technology, we also need to be mindful in bringing in our younger generation and exposing them to the arts. According to the Harvard Magazine, (2012), “If children aren’t exposed to music and art, you won’t develop either artists or audiences…” this is such a powerful statement… it would be tragic not to have theater as we know it today for our future generations.

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Lambert, C. (January/February, 2012). The Future of Theater: In a digital age, is the play still the thing? Harvard Magazine. Retrieved from…

How Can Watching Theater Benefit the Mind?…

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