cultural integration

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Based on the assigned readings, share your thoughts about new China and developing India in the global community. In 1-2 pages, described the developments in China and India; discuss how those developments impact the global community; and discuss the ways that the global culture has more or less integrated in the recent years. Remember to include at least 2 credible and scholarly sources and cite your sources using proper APA format.

Some information below. The rest of the research can be found online

China and India are vastly different countries, but share some similarities in the age of globalization.

Some shared similarities between India and China include:

  1. Both countries having educated, technologically sophisticated elites coexisting with the less sophisticated rural people.
  2. Standard of living differences are noticeable.
  3. China has thrived in economic liberalization, and India is pursuing it.
  4. Shared neighboring territories and potentially shared threats.
  5. Similar population size, with China having nearly 1.4 billion people and India with approximately 1.3 billion people.

Some noticeable differences:

  1. Each country has its own unique cultures and roots.
  2. China has been known for its large manufacturing sector, while India has been known for its call centers.
  3. India’s geographical area is approximately 1/3 of the United States, while China’s geographical area is approximately the same size as the United States.
  4. China consists of 56 ethnicities, while India is significantly less diverse.
  5. India has 14 official languages, while China has only one official language.

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