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Technology has revolutionized howdata in the healthcaresectoris gathered. The introduction of technology has seen significantimprovement in health care information management systems (Rintoul & Trowman, 2018). In essence, two broad categories of gathering healthcare information have been brought about by technology. Medical practice management (MPM) has helped medical health practitioners to conduct their administrative duties with ease and convenience. The introduction of this system has helped the health practitioners in the automation of data input, processing, and output. This system has enabled the healthcare sector to coordinate the data of the patients easily and use it to make a rational decision on the measure of intervention. Also, electronic health records (EHR) has also seen the improvement of data gathering electronic health record systems provide the health care sector with massive data bases where data of patients are stored electronically (Rintoul & Trowman, 2018). Information on patients is therefore safely stored within these systems and can be used for future medical advancement purposes.

How Healthcare Information Directs Patient Outcome

Information on the patientis essential when it comes to medical intervention and prevention purposes. The information on patients is used to determine the disease pattern of a person,and this information is equally imperative for the health practitioner to make a rational decision on the type of intervention or prevention (Apostolidis et al., 2017). Information on patients also helps the health sector to be aware of specificillness outbreaks and what precautions they are going to put in place in that scenario. Prior information on patients provide the health care sector with an easier time to understand the diagnosis that an ill person may require to cure a particular illness after medical and laboratory assertiveness, it becomes more comfortable then assertiveness in the type of diagnosis that is suitable for that patient (Apostolidis et al., 2017). It is important that information on the patientis stored and safely retrieved for the purpose of improving the health outcomes.


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