signature assignment 91

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Business Decision Making Project

Purpose of the Signature Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the ability to apply statistical concepts to business situations and to implement the data-driven decision-making process. The Signature Assignment is due in Week 6.

Will be assigned a scenario for which to prepare a power point of at least 8-10 slides for presentation in Week 6. The presentation will address the following for its assigned scenario:

Clearly define the problem or issue being addressed. Provide a brief background of any research that the team may have found that might affect the research hypothesis.

Create a research hypothesis based on the information and data provided in scenario. You will be given data within the scenario or a data set (Microsoft® Excel® document with two columns of data (just the numbers, as you must decide what values the data represent; that is, what is the scale of the data and what does that scale represent. If the data is 8.7, for example, is that a continuous score on a scale from 1-10 and what does that scale represent? For example, is it an assessment score, a rating, or some other representative measure?). This means you are going to test one thing against another, such as which method works best (step 1 of the steps to hypothesis testing).

State the null and research hypotheses. Explain whether these hypotheses require a one-tailed test or two-tailed test, and explain your rationale.

Use the data set that is provided with this specification description. The same data set will work for all scenarios. The data set is the sample you will use. Sample size will be 30 for each group, which are provided in your data set. Explain what type of sampling was used to gain these data.

Explain your conclusion and its implications in the powerpoint


You have a hypothesis that two drugs have different effects on lowering anxiety. You would have anxiety scores (1-10) for drug A and anxiety scores for drug B (all after 4 weeks of treatment) to run inferential analysis for after 4 weeks.

Null hypothesis is H0: drug A = drug B

Research hypothesis is H1: drug A ≠ drug B

Dependent variable: anxiety score changed after treatment

Independent variable: drug treatment

If you do not state a direction in your hypotheses (better than or worse than), the hypothesis test will be a two-tailed test. You are looking for differences in either direction. You would set your alpha level of .05 and have a sample for each group of 30 people that were volunteers for the study.

Research Scenarios

A few months ago, the upper management at a large corporation decided they wanted to make major changes in the organization. Leadership is concerned that employees may be resistant to the change, and they want to find out if there is a change management method that would help employees accept change more effectively and keep employee satisfaction high. Two methods they have considered are the ADKAR Framework and the Prosci Management Methodology. The company wants to implement a small change in two departments before they make any major organization changes and would like to test the methods. The corporation uses the Devine Company to measure employee satisfaction with an anonymous survey.

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