journal entries 5

Journal entry #1: choose a local issue that interests you and create a chart for the research proposal (issue, scope, audience, and possible proposed solution)

Journal entry #2: identify 2 quotes from each source that you plan on using in your research proposal.

Journal entry #3: What was the most useful piece of advice that you received during the peer review? What was the most helpful piece of advice that you gave your partner? How will you edit your paper? What changes will you make?

Journal entry #4 : create a chart for each of your sources and fill out the following information for each of the corresponding categories: currency, reliability, authority, accuracy, and purpose.

Journal entry #5: write up two annotations.

Journal entry #6: map out the who, what, where, when, and how for your proposed solution.

Journal entry #7: Review your sources and find at least 8 quotes, statistics, examples etc. that you would like to use in your final paper. Write these down in a varied manner: ex. short quotes, ONE block quote, a summary, and paraphrasing.

Journal entry #8: Complete part 1 of outline for your final research paper.

Journal entry #9: Complete part 2 of your outline.

Journal entry #10: Complete parts 3 and 4 of your outline.