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Boatman Accounting Professionals is an accounting firm that provides consulting services to its clients. You have recently been hired to work as a Cost Accounting Consultant and have been assigned the following four clients:

  1. Lavish Lamps, is a manufacturer of high-quality lighting fixtures. Lavish Lamps has asked that you work to help them develop an activity-based costing system.
  2. Kingston State University is a local college that has hired Boatman Accounting Professionals to assist with some cost allocation problems it currently has.
  3. Gravina Gravel, a medium-sized local business outsources its cost accounting function to Boatman Accounting Professionals. The company recently discovered that one its controller had been embezzling funds from the company. The company is therefore very interested in improving its financial reporting.
  4. Moore Manufacturing has asked you to assist them in evaluating their performance against their budgets.

APA format writing

APA citations and references and there must be proper citations in the paper that match the references.

1,500 words must have an introduction and conclusion. Also, proper heading for a master graduate paper about questions asked,

Title of paper:

locate the article An Application of Activity Based Costing in the Air Conditioner Manufacturing Industry by Heather Nachtmann and Mohammad Hani Al-Rifai, published in The Engineering Economist in 2004. (vol. 49, Issue 3). After reading the article:

  • Consider how Premier Lighting might benefit from implementing activity-based costing.
  • Explain why you think activity-based costing would provide strategic benefits to the organization.
  • Additionally, develop a plan for its implementation.
  • Would the plan outlined in the article work for Premier Lighting? Why/why not?



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