Business Case Preliminary Scope Statement SWOT business and finance homework help

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Post an original thread in this forum to the question three and one other question of your choice below – 500 words or less

In addition to this answer the following question:

  • Question One: Why is it important for an organization to conduct a project selection process? Describe two ways that’s that projects can be selected.
  • Question Two: Define and describe the key components of a business case.
  • Question Three: Define a preliminary scope statement for a project to build a simple interactive web site for this class. The web site should be accessible only by current students and instructors. The web site should allow students access to all the material presented in the class, including lecture slides and notes, extra reading, the course schedule, a chat room, a frequently asked questions section, grades, informative links, and the syllabus.
  • Question Four: What benefits or value do these tools (SWOT or PESTLE) offer for project managers? How could you use both a SWOT and a PESTLE analysis together in a project – could one be an input to the other or are they just variations of the same analysis?

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