soc100 discussion question 1

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Discussion question I only need 2 to 3 sentences per question no APA or MLA.


  1-Using the sociological perspective of your choice, how might you explain the widening income inequality gap in the United States and around the world? What is inequality and why is it an important concept to study?


2-Class, what is your reaction to this video? How is racial profiling an example of prejudice and discrimination? What can be done to change the criminal justice system to more fairly handle people without regard to their race or ethnicity?


3-As you learn about social inequality in this class this week, what are you learning about the consequences of wealth and income inequalities? What is the difference between wealth and income? Where do we see more inequality in society?


4– What are some inequalities that might result from simply being born into a neighborhood with few resources and housing that is undervalued? What might the long term consequences be of being born into a situation where your family does not have good access to health care? How might this impact one’s ability to succeed?


5- Class, even though we live in an open economic system, do you think that everyone has equal chance to get ahead? Do people typically see much improvement in their economic situation over time?


6- Do you think that it is fair that certain degrees from certain institutions are valued more than earning that degree somewhere else? What are some of the challenges with the current education system? Why is education so expensive and who does it hurt the most to pay the cost of college today?


7- Do you think that someone who was working class or someone who was lower middle class could run for president? How would they finance their campaign? Do you think that they would have support?



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