sociology 300 6 questions 10

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Sociology 300


Write at least a paragraph for each question.




    1.  If you had to live in any Third World Capital, which one would it be and why?

    1. What, in your opinion is the main reason there were Marxist revolutions in the past in places like China, Cuba, Vietnam–historical forces, regime decay, challenge from below, poverty, war?

    1. What are some key ways to ensure the armed forces of a Third World Country does not attempt a coup to take over the political system?

    1. Why do you think it was easy for the military in the Third World to take over their governments?


    1. Take a look at the web site (the International Monetary Fund). See if the information listed there would help or hinder the economic development of Third World economies.

    1. What were some of the successes and failures of command/Marxist economies? (i.e. the Former Soviet Union countries)?


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