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 First, you will choose a foreign currency.  Next, select one month in 2013 (choices: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun).  For the month you selected, track the U.S. dollar against the currency you selected by tabling and graphing the daily movements.  You may use any internet source you wish but make sure you are able to obtain historical foreign exchange rates.  Please don’t forget to label your information so I know what currency you chose, what dates you are using, etc.

You will then write a paragraph explaining what you can conclude about the strength of the US dollar compared to the currency chosen, and provide insight into what might have caused the fluctuations seen during your month.

Finally, provide me your fully cited source using MLA format.

You may upload a word document, excel, or both.

Here is the rubric:  20 points possible

5 pts – tablulated data for dollar and foreign currency for one month

5 pts – graph of data

5 pts – paragraph answering all questions

5 pts – citation(s) in proper MLA format

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