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Discussion: Ensuring Effective Communication in Organizations

Effective communication can be like oil to an engine, allowing different parts of the system to operate smoothly and consistently. But as the oil degrades and breaks down, the resulting friction among the various parts of the engine risks harming the integrity of the overall system. In the same way, ineffective communication within an organization can hamper success and adversely affect the performance and commitment of all employees.

This week, you read a case study, “Why Are We Losing All Our Good People?” by Lawler, et al (2008). The case study examines how ineffective communication has affected morale in the office to the point where top talent within an architectural firm has begun to leave. The managers of the firm need to answer why this is happening and they need to solve the communication problems before more top talent chooses employment elsewhere.

For this Discussion, review the case study by Lawler, et al (2008). Reflect on how communication issues at the architectural firm affected the job performance and commitment of its employees. Then examine the solutions proposed by the four experts who replied to this case study.

Post by Day 3 an explanation of whose advice you would most closely follow to resolve the problems at the firm, whose you would not, and provide a rationale for your choices. Use the Learning Resources to support your rationale. Finally, explain how you would ensure that effective lines of communication are open at your organization or one with which you are familiar. Include in your explanation the unique considerations you must keep in mind to ensure open communication among individuals who are from different cultures or work remotely from their homes or other offices.

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