improving group dynamics

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Read the Byrd & Luthy article, Improving Group Dynamics: Creating a Team Charter (2010). Your small group/team will develop a group (team) charter. You do not have an additional project or further problem. The task of the group is simply to develop the charter. To assist in focusing your discussions, the team may creatively develop its own mission and goals or tasks. Citation: Byrd J, Luthy M. (March 2010). Improving group dynamics: creating a team charter. Academy Of Educational Leadership Journal [serial online], 14(1):13–26. Available from: Business Source Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 11, 2018. Checklist:

The Team Charter is a collective agreement on the goals, tasks, and operations of the team. It normally addresses the following types of issues:

●Personnel background, skills, duties



Work expectations, Rules of the group

●Write your paper in a clear and articulate manner using Standard English. ●Ensure it is well-organized, logical, and unified, and that your work is original and insightful. ●Use the 6th edition APA formatting and citation style for your paper. ●Respond in a 3-page paper and if references are used, a separate reference page.

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