hrm in perspective and important eeo implications apa 6 pages

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After exploring the role of Human Resource Management and its various requirements, it’s now time to demonstrate that you can apply these concepts in your own chosen industry or career path! You may consider researching how other organizations have managed these core HRM policies, practices and procedures. Specifically, consider what you have learned over this first few chapters and write an essay that explores in detail:

  • how strategic planning and HR planning work together in your industry or career path
  • steps that managers in your industry or career path should take to ensure alignment with EEO requirements and best practices
  • your recommended approach for conducting a job analysis of a common job in your industry or career path
  • any specific implications for job design in your industry or career path

A few career paths worth considering to choose from can be engineering related, business, or any industry that best fits the assignment.

This assignment should include at least 6 pages of double-spaced content in 12-point Times New Roman font, summarizing your key learnings and how they are relevant in your industry or career path. Written assignments require application of content from the textbook and any other learning materials provided in the course, as well as your own independent research (especially around industry-specific aspects of the assignment).

Your paper should be formatted and written in the style dictated by the American Psychological Association (APA) 6.0 Style guidelines. You will need a Title Page and a References Page in the correct formats.

You must use APA-formatted in-text citations and References to indicate the source of any ideas you apply from other authors. You are encouraged to summarize and paraphrase whenever possible rather than directly quoting, as your instructor is much more interested in what you now know and understand than in what you can quote from your research. (However, citations and References are still required, even if you’re not directly quoting.)

Notes: I have included three documents that you can use for information and ideas. Feel free to use them or not. (these are chapter reviews that are related to this assignment)

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