latin urban music

Directions: Create an article with multimedia components highlighting the origins of a musical style. This can be an existing genre that is emerging onto the musical scene. The goal is to determine a location that was important to its inception and create a social post that will highlight your findings. You are creating a virtual museum marker offering images and written description of the importance of a musical subject.

The Genre should be Latin Urban Music aka Reggaeton

You have two options for the project’s topic. You can create an article on a new or historic musical topic:

Topic Option 1 -Create an Article on a Historic Musical Subject

The goal of this option is for you to create an article for a website. A website that highlights the origins of important musical genres, musical styles, artists in relation to the location where they originated. You can highlight anything that is important to the inception of a musical art form like a musician, producer, or style, or even an instrument.

Topic Option 2 – Create an Article on a New or Emerging Musical Subject

Alternatively, you can highlight anything that is important to the inception of a new or emerging musical genre. Highlight a musician, producer, genre, style or an instrument that is important to the inception of an emerging musical art form.

Remember: If possible, highlight your subject in conjunction with a location that is important to the musical subject.

Be sure to share documents images, flyers, posters, social media posts of events, or images of artists. Also try to share an example of the musical style, if you can, by creating or finding a playlist or mix of related music using Spotify, SoundCloud or Mixcloud and sharing a link/embed code for it.

Here’s how we will evaluate your article’s quality:

  • The post has high-quality writing and images that support your writing in a single montage image (or an animated gif) that is compelling and informative and suitable for sharing via social media.
  • The photos are clear and details are easily understood.
  • The description provides a summary of the info on your subject.
  • Be sure to attribute where you found your images and research sources and share them as part of the article.