write 2 page double spaced paper on edm disco

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I will prove the 2 texts needed for the assignment

Attached below are the guide lines to the paper

Assignment question:

On Wednesday, we’ll explore the development of electronic dance music with disco and club culture. Please review the assigned chapter by Peter Shapiro, which highlights disco and funk in the 1970s and their links to cultural revolution. For your response, see “Week 6” in the content section: I’d like you to focus on listening responses to a number of disco and funk tracks that are foundational to EDM. The list includes three key tracks from 1977 that Shapiro cites in his timeline from Week 1. Pick out at least two of these tracks to discuss in depth. Consider these questions: What makes these tracks so distinctive & revolutionary? How do they challenge listeners expectations about traditional music and identity? What did you find most impressive or surprising about the tracks?


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