unit 8 criminology theorys

In this unit, you have learned about organized crime and its effect on business. For this assignment, you will be further

exploring this topic. First, read the following information about how legitimate business ownership may be used for moneylaundering


Dirty money can be added to the cash revenues of a legitimate business enterprise, particularly those that are already cash

intensive, such as restaurants, bars, and rental stores. The extra money is simply added to the till. The cost for this

laundering method is the tax paid on the income. With companies whose transactions are better documented, invoices can

be manipulated to simulate legitimacy. A used car dealership, for example, may offer a customer a discount for paying

cash, and then report the original sale price on the invoice, thus explaining the existence of the extra illicit cash. A slightly

more sophisticated scheme may allow a criminal to profit twice in setting up a publicly traded front company with a

legitimate commercial purpose—first from the laundered funds commingled with those generated by the business, and

second by selling shares in this company to unwitting investors.

Then, compose an essay that analyzes the following issue.

What legitimate criminal justice procedures may be used to interrupt the money-laundering methods described herein?

In your answer, be sure to describe how organized crime entities use legitimate businesses as financial fronts. Also,

analyze and argue your proposed procedures addressing both the positive and negative consequences of their


Your essay must be at least two pages