combined project 1

In this course you will complete a project where you will implement skills and concepts. This project becomes clearer as you read the textbook and learn the material. You will complete the project in sections to make the task more manageable. You will earn a separate grade for each component.

During weeks 8 and 9 you should be finalizing the project. Use my feedback and new learning in the course to guide your revisions of each component. You will receive continued guidance through the weeks. The more time and energy you spend on each component, the more smoothly the revising, compiling and submitting will be in week 9. I encourage you to revise as you receive feedback each week rather than waiting until weeks 8 and 9.

They should then be combined into one clear and comprehension Word document that you submit in Week 9, Sunday, 5/7/17 by 11:59pm.

If you need technical assistance with writing, please use the Centers for Academic Support if you are on a campus or use Smart Thinking as directed earlier in the course on Instructions for All Written Assignments (IAWA).

The project should be formatted using MLA in the following way with each subtitle numbered, font bold and placed at the left margin:


1) Position:

2) Job Description:

3) Recruitment Plan and Selection Process:

4) Interview Questions:

5) Offer Letter:

6) Performance Plan:

One component should follow the other without interruption. Double space the entire document.

The project will be evaluated for content accuracy (60%), writing (20%) and adherence to instructions (20%).