bird flu 500 word essay

Bird Flu:In China in 1996, a human was infected with a strain of avian flu called H5N1. In the subsequent 12 years, 400 infections worldwide resulted in approximately 100 deaths, spread out over 9 countries. The media have been unrelenting in their coverage of this disease and its potential role in a global disease outbreak. Research this disease and evaluate whether it is a case of legitimate cause for panic or a case of misinformation and worst-case scenarios. (It’s possible that it could be a little of both!)

Your report should include the following:

  • What virus is responsible? (5 pts)
  • What is the link with flu and Asia? (5 pts)
  • What is the primary means of transmission to humans? (5 pts)
  • What is the mortality rate of this disease? (5 pts)
  • What would need to happen for this disease to pose a significant global threat (think in terms of transmission)? (5 pts)
  • Does this virus replicate by the lytic or lysogenic cycle? (2 pts) Describe that process. (5 pts)
  • How does your body respond to infection by a virus? (5 pts)
  • What can be done medically for a person infected with a virus? (5 pts)
  • How is flu vaccine manufactured? (5 pts)
  • Terms to include and define in your report are:pandemic, mortality, transmission, zoonosis, disease reservoir, pathogen, antibodies, antigen, and antiviral. (1 pt for each term that is included and 1 pt for each term that is defined)
  • Be sure to include in your conclusion your opinion, based on stated facts, on what is the real scope of the threat posed by this virus. Are we doing enough? Not enough? Too much? (5 pts)