Marketing & Communications

Patients traditionally have received all their medical information from their physicians. However, “Dr. Google” and “Nurse Bing” have increasingly become trusted sources of health information. As a result, everyone from pharmaceutical companies to prosthesis suppliers has added direct-to-consumer advertising to their promotional mix. This is very controversial because it tends to disrupt the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

This project provides you with the opportunity to thoroughly research a current direct-to-consumer advertising technique (online ads or social media, for example) and how it is used to promote a healthcare product or service. This project will help you understand how to communicate directly with healthcare consumers and improve your marketing knowledge.



*** Due this week Thesis & Outline 

This is when you turn in your thesis and outline to give direction to your research paper about your healthcare marketing related topic.

Your thesis statement should be a strong one and should outline the path that your project will follow. Use standard outline format for the outline. The outline should support the thesis, listing topics and sub-topics for our paper.