Case Study

All case study reviews are to be approached as a professional report to be handed in to your instructor via email . The case study review must be typed using presentation tools (e.g., Power Point, Prezi, and etc) and include your name, the name of the assignment, and the date. You need to answer the five questions below in the box and each question is worth 10 points. You can use 2-4 slides per question so a total of your slide will be between 10 – 20.


Understanding Segmentation, Target, and Positioning: Starbucks vs Dunkin’s Donut


  • Read the following in the textbook.
  • Read Case 18 Starbucks (Page 626-629): Just Who is the Starbucks Customer?
  • Read Dunkin’ Donuts case in page 207-208.

 1. Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how Starbucks initially segmented and targeted the coffee market.



2.     What changed first—the Starbucks customer or the Starbucks Experience? Explain your response discussing the principles of market targeting.



3.     Based on the segmentation variables, how is the Starbucks now segmenting and targeting the coffee market?



4.     For the expansion into coffee market, what was the primary segmentation and target market that Dunkin’ s Donuts developed?



5.     What factors make Dunkin’ s Donut successful in the coffee/drink market?