Choose a topic from the Discussion question folder and write a three-page essay. Due June 20

Chapter 1: What was the most striking feature of Native American society?

Chapter 2: In what ways did colonial Virginia shape the future of American society?

Chapter 3: What is the Puritan legacy to America?

Chapter 4: How did the middle colonies shape American society?

Chapter 5: How did social class interaction work in eighteenth century colonial America?

Chapter 6: How did English political thought influence the American revolutionary ideology?

Chapter 7: How did the U.S win the revolutionary war?

Chapter 8: Why did William Lloyd Garrison, the American abolitionist, burn the constitution in public, and why did he ultimately revere the document?


Chapter 10: What long term effects did Thomas Jefferson exercise on American history?

Chapter 11: Who won the war of 1812?

Chapter 12: What was the “transportation revolution?”

Chapter 13: What was the “Second Great Awakening” and why was it important?

Chapter 14: “Andrew Jackson was no American hero.” Agree or disagree.

Chapter 15: In what ways did slaves resist slavery?

Chapter 16: “James Polk was no American hero.” Agree or disagree.

Chapter 17: Was the Compromise of 1850 a success or a failure?

Chapter 18: Why was the Dred Scott decision of the Supreme Court so infamous and how was it finally reversed?

Chapter 19: What was Lincoln’s original strategy for winning the civil war and why did it fail?

Chapter 20: In what way did the civil war become the “Second American revolution?”