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  1. >>> Summarize the sources & Find common themes. 

    Use the techniques presented in the Module #6 notes and slide shows to find ONE article in a database and a SECOND article from the Internet.  Save digital copies of the articles and their bibliographical information; print-out the articles.  Number each article for later reference. THEN – Do the following:


PREPARATION FOR ASSIGNMENT à Read and annotate the articles.  You can annotate on the print-out if you wish. NOT TO BE COLLECTED.  These annotations will aid you in forming SCCUDy BPs.  Be sure to add subjective annotations when you see similar themes between the sources.


  • INCLUDE IN YOUR BLOG àMain research question at top of assignment.

  • INCLUDE IN YOUR BLOG àWrite a brief summary of both articles.  Be sure to include in-text citations.

  • INCLUDE IN YOUR BLOG àAPA bibliography of both articles.

  • INCLUDE IN YOUR BLOG à Similar themes – Do you find any similar specific ideas or themes discussed in these two articles?  If there are no similar themes find a third article (or secondary source) that includes a theme from one of the first two sources you have found and then do the following: List the similar theme(s) from the secondary sources (articles). Discuss each similar theme as follows à


  • Name the common theme(s) – BRIEFLY

  • Explain that common theme – What is the theme?  What does each source say about that theme?

  • Cite sources.


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