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Chapter Four Guided Reading Questions

  • What four factors influence out life expectancy?
  • What determines longevity?
  • Identify the difference between active life expectancy and dependent life expectancy.
  • What is the impact of self-health ratings?
  • Identify what is studied within Psychoneuroimmunology.
  • Identify the stress and coping paradigm. Include the three areas of appraisal and the effect this appraisal has upon the paradigm.
  • Identify the two types of coping.
  • Outline the effects of stress on health.
  • Identify the two types of diabetes.
  • Identify incontinence and the categories that exist.
  • What options are there to treat pain?
  • Look at the model on page 119. What sticks out to you? What would you focus on given that you are not at that age? What would you advise those that are entering this age or are in this age?
  • What factors seems to have the greatest effect upon our functional limitations and disability? Identify positive and negative in a chart. Chapter Five Guided Reading Questions
  • 1. Identify these words:
    Person-environment interactions
    Environmental press
    Adaptation level
    Maximum performance potential
    Zone of maximum comfort
    Preventive adaptations
    Corrective adaptations
    2. What is meant by aging in place?
    3. Identify the following housing opportunities:
    Adult day care
    Congregate housing
    Assisted living (include levels)
    4. Identify the myths of nursing homes.
    5. Who should be living in a nursing home?
    6. Summarize the characteristics of a nursing home.
    7. What is patronizing speech and infantilization or elderspeak?
    8. What are some of the contemporary housing opportunities for the elderly?
    Chapter Six Guided Reading Questions
    1. Summarize how information processing is changing for the elderly.
    2. Summarize how memory processing is changing for the elderly.
    Summarize how processing and memory effects an elder person’s sense of self

  • Chapter Seven Guided Reading Questions
    1. Outline Sternberg’s theories on intelligence.
    2. Outline theories of intelligence including multidimensional elements.
    3. Identify research approaches to intelligence.
    a. Psychometric
    b. Cognitive-structural
    4. Identify characteristics of mental abilities.
    5. Outline Piaget’s thinking. Four stages of cognition.

    6. Describe the three forms of reflective thinking.

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