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Maintain a Journal/Historical Document of life in the era of COVID-19 using your personal experiences and what you see in digital space. In this assignment, you will write an essay that is at least 5 pages long detailing what life is like for yourself and others throughout this time. How has the pandemic affected your life, your community, your workplace, etc? How have you had to adjust your life? How have you coped during this time period? As part of this project, I want you to collect data from the internet using social media platforms. This should not just be a journal of your experiences but also your observations of what has changed and what continues to change. Then, you will select 1 or 2 authors from the semester and imagine how they might react to the current crisis in some way. For bell hooks, for example – how might she adjust her educational theories? What would Baldwin have to say about these experiences? How might Durkheim perceive social cohesion in a time like this? What would Foucault say about self-quarantine? What might Marx say about mass consumption or the impacts of economic recession? Use the text/materials to draft your conclusions about what the authors would say with citations from the text. Also, collect memes and share them as a resource at the end of your paper, too.

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