two parts 12

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Part 1: Company survey, industry research, chemical industry recent trend, development prospects, do you expect to have a good return in the future, is it worth the investment? SWAT analysis. The final answer: the most likely future direction of Robert company is decline or rise? At present, 0.7million has been invested in the company, is it very risky? Do you want to sell? How much if you want to sell? Where should the money be reinvested? UK or US? (if the shares are sold, it will definitely affect Robert’s ownership in the company, decision-making power, and may be detrimental to Robert’s promotion.)

Part 2: Do one retirement plan! Now the account has 5.6million, and each husband and wife will put 42,000 in each year (a total of 84,000 in each year). Joy can put money in for 5 years, and rob can put money in for 10 or 15 years. Joy’s retirement period is about 25 to 40 years, and rob’s retirement period is about 15 to 20 years. Q: are you putting enough money away each year to support your retirement expenses? How much should I put in each year if not enough? (the annual income of each person is 600000, 7% is put into retirement, is this money enough), how much is the annual interest rate needed?A total of 11million will be spent in the future. How to allocate the future consumption? How much do you spend every year after retirement? How much do I need to withdraw from my retirement account?

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