you should use slide idea 1 for part one and the other one for part two from the power point files attached

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Part 1: Slide ID/Short Answer (50 points total) – 5 slides to identify and write a few sentences about. Each is worth 10 points. ONE will be a god or goddess.

For each, give name, location, and dynasty (18, 19 or 20). Then, write 2-3 sentences about the significance of the image.

If a god or goddess, write 2-3 sentences that includes name, association (god of what?), animal connected to the deity (if any), description of outfit/headgear, and significance/function.

Part 2: Essay (50 points) – Write an essay of 4-5 paragraphs in response to the following.

Egypt’s role as an ‘international player’ reached its peak in Dynasty 18. In an essay of 4-5 paragraphs, discuss three ways in which the Dynasty 18 pharaohs secured Egypt’s commanding position in the eastern Mediterranean/Near Eastern world. Be as specific as possible! (discuss specific pharaohs, sites, sources, etc.)

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