cpe480 final report

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Final Design Report for CpE 480:

Submit a written design report, by Friday, May 8, 5pm.

There is no page limit, but most of the content can be taken from previously submitted materials

You are also free to borrow from any group deliverables that your team submitted (you need to clearly reference the deliverable document)

Outline of CpE 480 Design Report:

  • Introduction: Briefly describe the goals of the EcoCar project and briefly describe your role within the team (estimated length: 1 page)
  • Schedule and Milestones – You may use and update your schedule and milestone report for this (estimated length: 2 pages, plus a Gantt chart figure)
  • Applicable Standards – Write about the standards that you use in your work for the EcoCar project. One of the those standards is used by all of us: SAE J3016, the complete version of which is described at at: https://saemobilus.sae.org/content/j3016_201401 You should report on SAE J3016 AND AT LEAST ONE OTHER STANDARD that is related to your work for the EcoCar project, including: (1) cite the standard you are using, (2) briefly explain the standard (include a reference), (3) explain how this standard is applied within EcoCar (estimated length: 2 pages)
  • Technical Contributions – This will be the longest section of your report and should include both text and figures that describe your technical contributions to the EcoCar project. You may borrow group-written deliverables freely and use them verbatim, provided that you cite the deliverable as a reference. Items like code or extra figures can be placed in an appendix.
  • Safety Considerations – Discuss any important safety considerations related to your teams work (this may only be 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Economic Considerations – Discuss any economic considerations that may have influenced your design (this may be only 1-2 paragraphs)
  • Impact on Society – Discuss the impact of the technologies developed in EcoCar Society (e.g., the environment, access to transportation, quality of life) (Estimated length: 1 page)
  • References


my role was in the Electrical team communication and low voltage.

milestone is attached

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