i need someone to come up with adolescent interview questions ages 14 18 for my psychology class

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For this assignment, you will create interview questions as though you were going to conduct an interview with an adolescent between the ages of 14 – 18. You will not interview anyone, you are only creating the questions for the interview.

Create 2 questions relating to functioning in the 4 domains we focus on in this course, for a total of 8 questions:

  • Physical
    • Question 1
    • Question 2
  • Cognitive
    • Question 3
    • Question 4
  • Emotional
    • Question 5
    • Question 6
  • Social
    • Question 7
    • Question 8

Your questions MUST follow these guidelines:

  • They must be open-ended (not questions that only call for only a “yes” or “no”)
  • You cannot ask direct questions about their physical functioning/perceptions. You will ask a more general questions (example: “In what ways do you notice differences in height and sizes amongst your peers?”)
  • You may not ask any questions that are overly personal or could cause them to have to think about concepts that could be upsetting to a developing adolescent.
  • Your questions must reflect that you are connecting the course concepts to the assignment.

Thank you!

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