write about effects and disadvantages of insufficient sleep how to develop effective time management strategies the importance of organizing and managing time in the success of students in their educational path just 700 worlds

prompts: With the pressures of work, family, and study, students often complain about lack of sleep.What are some of the effects of insufficient sleep for those freshmen who have not developed efficient time-management strategies? How can freshmen in college make sure they get enough sleep to enable them to succeed as college students?

General Instructions

Read the following prompts carefully and to serve as the basis of a 700-word, five paragraph essay (140 words per paragraph). Think of a general introduction for the first paragraph, and end that paragraph with a thesis statement. Use three body paragraphs to develop the evidence that supports the thesis. Write a conclusion that points to the future or addresses outcomes, implications, and consequences that can occur as a result of the thesis. Use model sentences, punctuating carefully, and pay attention to capitalization and apostrophes. Give the essay a unique title that will make readers want to start reading it immediately. In the margin next to each paragraph, put the word count, and when you are finished, put the total word count at the top of the first page. Please write neatly and legibly!

Note: use the Model sentence in the outline you mast use them !!!!!

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