Usability Evaluation

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Usability Evaluation Assignment

In evaluating new health information technology (HIT), we need to assess how they can potentially be used in our practice setting to support our delivering the best patient care possible. This is an opportunity for you to apply your understanding of usability to items you come across on a regular basis.

Choose a non-computerized item such as a non-electric object (e.g. hypodermic syringe, etc) or an electric object (e.g. light switch, etc) that is not computerized


Describe the steps to using the non-computerized item

Assess its usability by applying concepts as described by Nielsen’s Ten Usability Heuristics

  1. Evaluate the user interface usability by selecting one of the applicable Instrument (user interface evaluation tool)Links to an external site.

Provide a brief summary of your evaluation

Here is an example of a usability evaluation for Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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