utilising nursing theories

Assessment 2
Word limit:                           2000 words
The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the concept of utilising nursing theories when assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating care of a child and his/her family.
For this assignment you are required to review the literature on a range of nursing theories.  Read Broom (2007) in course reserves to gain insight into how nursing theories can be applied to clinical practice.
An example of an early theory utilised to conceptualize nursing assessment and management was Orlando’s Nursing Process, first published in 1961. From this time there have been many theories developed through to the present day with Levitt Jones (2009) Clinical Reasoning Cycle.
You are required to:
1. Critically review the literature on nursing theories.
2. Select one you consider useful to your nursing assessment and practice in paediatrics
3. Discuss how your chosen theory can provide a foundation for your clinical judgement.
4. Provide a comprehensive example of how this theory could inform your assessment of a paediatric patient and their family.
5. Use the literature to support your discussion.